Finding and securing your next employee of the month


Recruiting the Best: Finding and securing your next employee of the monthThe “Great Resignation” and labor shortages throughout 2021 made recruiting and retaining employees a challenge for businesses across the country. And, while 2022 remains an employee’s market, there’s room for hope. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ April 2022 jobs report showed that both the unemployment rate and participating labor force closely mirror pre-pandemic numbers, remaining steady at 3.6 percent and 62.2 percent, respectively.

But, with an abundance of competition, what does it take to secure the perfect employee in Florida? It starts with a successful recruitment strategy.

First, incentivize employment referrals to utilize your greatest resource: your current employees. You hired them for a reason, so harnessing their professional networks is a great way to find similarly committed and capable employees. Financial, social, gift, or vacation time referral bonuses – both for the employee and the referred hire – will prove more than worth the expense.

Similarly, look for possible candidates internally. Internal promotions increase morale and demonstrate a commitment to employee career growth and success. As an added benefit, hiring from within reduces the costs associated with onboarding a brand new employee.

Make sure all recruitment processes, from the advertising, marketing, and online applications to the initial interview and job offer, is as positive, inclusive, technically savvy, and clear as possible. Larger companies, in particular, might benefit from clarifying corporate identity, creating related media, and publishing testimonials to attract the right candidate. Make sure job postings are clear and concise. Simplify application processes and focus on relevant factors for the position, rather than generic qualifications and interview questions. Be forthright about expectations, and implement unbiased protocols for selecting, interviewing, and offering or passing on prospective candidates.

Consider networking events, career fairs, and industry-specific conferences and seminars to target potential hires and evaluate their possible fit with your current team. These scenarios offer casual interactions that can often prove more illuminating than the often anxiety-inducing interview process.

Finally, make technology work for you. Investing in a few digital recruiting tools – from email campaigns to social media blasts – can make all the difference in establishing a large pool of diverse candidates. Employee candidate selection digital platforms can also ease the process of narrowing the field by auto-administering pre-employment assessments and skills tests to algorithmically find an ideal fit.

Once you find the perfect candidate, make a strong, competitive offer. Research competitors’ compensation packages and, if possible, exceed them. As inflation surges, money matters. Consider other perks and non-monetary benefits – remote work options, abbreviated work weeks, company retirement and healthcare allotments, gym memberships, etc. – to sweeten the deal if the budget doesn’t allow for a highly competitive salary.

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